Nice Curves

On March 5th 2011 the new generation ‘hayabusa’ bullet train (shinkansen) started operation on Japan’s railways. ‘Made in Dream’ said the Japlish ad campaign for the new train, whose name means ‘falcon’.
It may be just me, but the streamlined look seems decidedly retro – especially when you consider these images below, artists’ designs for ‘trains of the future’ drawn up in the 1930s.

Now speaking of curves (immensely tacky link here) – Chiaki Kuriyama, who appeared in some of the most iconic Japanese films of the last decade (“Battle Royale”, “Shikoku”), and the girl who launched a thousand fetishes as Go-Go Yubari from “KIll Bill”, has just released her debut album as a musical artist – “Circus”. Is it any good? Well, if it’s J-Pop, I’m not really the right person to ask. But it’s out now if you fancy a listen.

And finally legendary director Hideo Nakata (Ring, Dark Water) has thrown a curve (No! John! Not the baseball metaphors, you don’t even know what baseball is) by directing a British psychological horror movie called “Chatroom” in English. It came out in the UK last year and opened in Tokyo last week (yeah, Japan’s like that).

Photos courtesy of Japan Rail East,, Japan Times, IDMB.

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  1. J P Catton says:

    When you said PHWOOOAAARRRHHH! were you referring to Chiaki Kuriyama or Aaron Johnson? Or the train?

  2. Well whaddaya think??

  3. J P Catton says:

    I dunno mate maybe you’re a train spotter.

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