Return to Tokyo

Well I’m back and I’m severely jet-lagged. Think I’ll post some news and comments on UK society over the next few days, some reflections on what I found there – for example, what the heck is this ‘Big Society’ everyone is talking about??!

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4 Responses to Return to Tokyo

  1. ratcatcher21 says:

    It’s a f***kin scam that’s what it is. The Tories just want ‘ordinary’ people to do their dirty work for nothing. Meanwhile the banker bastards sit back and count their bonus money and let rip with howls of derisive laughter over their glasses of champagne. “Big Society!” they snort. “What a wheeze! So more money gets ripped from the hands of pensioners and single mums and given to us so we can jerk off in our Thames-side penthouses and use wads of fifty-pound notes to wipe the jissom off our fat flabby cocks!! BRILLIANT!!!”

  2. J P Catton says:

    Erm … yes. More tea vicar?

  3. obeahman says:

    Hey JP! Is that photo what jet-lag looks like?

  4. J P Catton says:

    It’s what jet-lag feels like.

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