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Reflections on the JWC: Many thanks to Suzanne Kamata for her Sunday talk on Marketing for Beginners – and the absurdly named Buzz, Balls and Hype does exist, you can find it at the link at the bottom of this article. Thanks to Hillel, it’s always a pleasure to hear what you have to say, and Minako clued me in on that mad fish the Kue after your talk. Thanks to Lauren – I’m going to try your tips on building characters for Reiko and her friends, starting this week. Holly Thompson – always fascinating to learn more on YA fiction – okay, who can give us a good example of YA Steampunk?? And Marian Page – a big, big thanks for your comments on my first page, we were really tight for time but thanks for your advice.
Buzz, Balls and Hype is here

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4 Responses to JWC Feedback

  1. Junkhound says:

    Good question you asked in YA seminar John “What does GLBT stand for?” FAIL XD

  2. J P Catton says:

    Is not funny!

  3. YA steampunk? Try the “Thomas Riley” novels by Nick Valentino or “Clockwork and Corsets: 13 Steampunk Romances” edited by Trisha Telep.

  4. J P Catton says:

    “Clockwork and Corsets??” You’ve gotta be kidding!

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