The Island Of Exiles

I’ve just got back from summer holiday on Sado Island, which I can tell you is a pretty interesting place. In the early Edo Period, Sado, which is part of Niigata in the north part of Japan in the Inland Sea between Japan and Korea, it became known as the place where political dissidents were exiled – people too popular for the military government to execute. After that, gold was discovered and the Kinzan gold mine became the Edo period mint and treasury, staffed by skilled engineers above ground and vagrants shipped from Edo to toil in the tunnels. Recently, you may know it as the home of the Earth Celebration, hosted by Kodo, the school of Taiko drummers. The dance you see in the photo I took is one of the dances of the Sado Okesa, the ceremonial folk dances of the island.
With cool hats.
And the next day, I was off to a business trip to Kobe, to give a presentation at a conference. Bummer!

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