Viddy Well, My Droogies, Viddy Well

Coming back from a big drinking sesh celebrating our wedding anniversary, Minako and I spotted this on the wall at Takadanobaba train station. It’s the Tokyo theatrical adaption of Anthony Burgess’s classic work of dystopian literature – and also Kubrick’s cult cinema masterpiece – more images here.

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4 Responses to Viddy Well, My Droogies, Viddy Well

  1. Amina Mundi says:

    What’s up with your pictures droogie? You’re bashing me over the gulliver with too much orange

  2. J P Catton says:

    Sorry Anima Mundi – or can I call you Gloria? I’ll try to fix it.

  3. J P Catton says:

    Actually, if any good malchick knows how to get rid of that bolshy orange flyer up there, could you help me out? Thanks!!

  4. J P Catton says:

    Bog and all his holy heavenly choir! The flyer’s disappeared

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