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“Better than guns, Mr. Bond. We have Ninjas!”


So said Tiger Tanaka to 007 in “You Only Live Twice”, and now Matt Alt and Hiroko Yoda, creators of the essential “Yokai Attack!”, have released “Ninja Attack!”, a fascinating look at another aspect of Japan’s cultural history. Cover illustation reproduced by permission of the authors and illustrator Yutaka Kondo – full details can be found here

Killer Kaiju


Many thanks for Tokyo Hacker Space for the excellent talk by Ivan Vartanian on his new book, Killer Kaiju! Interview coming soon.

International Book Fair July 10th 2010


Held at Tokyo Big Sight (Yes, that is the correct spelling) in Odaiba on the Tokyo waterfront. Not exactly international – but certainly very crowded.

Put No Picture Here


To all admirers of J-Horror; July 13th will mark the official start of the Japanese scary story season, as this was the day “The Exorcist” opened in Tokyo, back in 1974, starting the same chill wave of revulsion-fascination it sparked elsewhere. Furthermore, July 26th is Yurei (Phantom) Day, for on this day in 1825 “that Kabuki play” opened in old Edo theaters, a work of drama that was to become as notorious as Shakespeare’s “Scottish play” for the bad luck it would bring to theatergoers who mention it without due respect. The title? And the name of the main character? Believe me . . . you don’t want to know.

Top of the Pops 1965?


Or maybe Dodo Chaplet, one of the First Doctor’s companions? No, it’s The Hair, one of the Mod bands live at Shinjuku Loft on another Mad Mod night. On the third picture below, you’ll see my good friend Tomita-san, owner of the Kitchijoji boutique Young Soul Rebels, and his new band. He’s on the right.

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