Film Round-Up

Not exactly new, but definitely a couple of things to watch out for. “”Tetsuo: The Bullet Man” is the third in Shinya Tsukamoto’s “Tetsuo” series, and the first in English language … and “Enter the Void” is Gaspar Noe’s grim exploration of expat life in Roppongi, a kind of bipolar “Lost In Translation” that forgot to take its meds. Feed your head!

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2 Responses to Film Round-Up

  1. Gram says:

    re: enter the void; Don’t bother! however if you do end up seeing it we could complain about it together.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, I agree with you there Gram, a mess of wasted opportunities! Perhaps “Enter and Void your Bowels” would have been a better title.

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