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Media Tectonics 5/24



I’m delighted to announce a new group with a new series of seminars – Media Tectonics, at the brand new Wesley Centre in Minami-Aoyama. Pictured is film-maker Doug Campbell, who gave an inspirational and sometimes hysterically funny lecture. I’ll be posting links when I get time.

Rock’n’Roll Kimonos


Remember the 5678s from Kill Bill? Lead vocalist Yoshiko took some time off to have a baby but they’re making comeback gigs – Sat the 15th saw them co-headline the annual Mods Mayday festival along with The Cromagnons (ex-High Lows and Blue Hearts).
Below; my good friend Antonio with Sachiko, Yoshiko, and Oumo-san backstage.

The Bad Wolf Wants To Know The Answer


Further to the previous post – do you remember the scene in Doctor Who where the Doctor walks out into a street, and all of the language on the walls and the posters has been reduced to simply the words “Bad Wolf”? This week has been a bit like that. Take a look at these pictures of Shibuya.

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