Things to Do in Tokyo when you’re Freelance

Another great night at Good Day Books, with David Chester giving advice and insights from “Freelancing in Tokyo”, something which I have a great stake in, needless to say. Incidentally, if you look on the right at the Blog Roll you’ll see I’m adding links to the various Tokyo writing communities – SWET, SWAT, the SCBWI Tokyo and the CWNN – and they are all worth checking out. David Chester’s sites will be among them.

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2 Responses to Things to Do in Tokyo when you’re Freelance

  1. John Paul,

    I wanted to thank you for posting this on your site. It was really great of you. I really, really appreciate it! I don’t know how I can repay the favor, but it’s very thoughtful of you to list my site in your blogroll. I don’t have a blogroll, but perhaps I can find a way to promote you as well.

    In the meantime, thank you kindly!
    -David Chester

  2. admin says:

    Not at all, David, thanks for the inspiring talk!

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