About Excalibur Books

Excalibur Books is an independent publishing house based in Tokyo, Japan, publishing Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy. A lot of what we publish is fiction set in Japan or has themes of Japanese mythology, legends and folklore, but we cover other times and places as well in our fiction and non-fiction. We have eleven titles in print (both ebooks and paperbacks) at this time of writing.


Have you ever had an encounter with the unknown? A brush with the world beyond? Ever seen a ghost, a UFO, a cryptid, a yokai, a will-o-the-wisp or anything else you can’t explain?

Here’s your chance to tell your real-life story and win a free ebook! Post your anecdote on our Facebook event page. The top five entries will receive a Mobi or Epub copy of the Japanese ghost story collection “Dark Lanterns” by Zoe Drake!

The facebook event can be found here!


A city of 12 million people. 12 months of the year. 4 seasons. 15 short stories. In these spine-chilling tales we meet 15 residents of modern Tokyo; businesspeople, high-school students, laborers, foreign exchange students, chefs, gangsters, down-and-outs…

Each of them will encounter one of the Yokai – the supernatural creatures immortalized in Japanese myths, legends and folk tales. Some of them will survive the experience. Some of them will not. All of them will be changed forever …

“An eerie amalgam of the mundane and the ethereal … who knows what you’ll discover by the light of the Dark Lantern?” – Amazon 5-star review.

The “Dark Lanterns” Amazon page can be found here!